Heat Up Your Workout Routine With The Summer Launch Challenge


Summer is in full swing, and we’re here to help you ring in a new season of fresh goals, whether you’re at home, at work or on the road. Introducing the Summer Launch Challenge. Starting July 1st, we’re releasing a new way to tackle your summer workout routine over the course of 30 days. Make it your strongest summer yet by trying new classes, meeting new instructors, and even diving into a training program to keep you accountable. Constantly on-the-go this summer? Keep your commitment by tapping into Peloton Digital to get the work done, as suggested by Peloton Tread instructor Matty Maggiacomo. “Peloton Digital is designed to help you stay on track when it comes to your fitness goals,” says Matty. “I understand that sometimes we don’t have 45 minutes to work out every day, however, the best thing about Peloton Digital is that even if you just have 5 or 10 minutes, you can take a class that fits into your schedule from wherever you are–remember 5 or 10 minutes of core work or yoga is better than nothing!”

New to our seasonal challenges? Get the details:

  • Opt in on your Bike or Tread
  • Take at least one class daily from July 1-30
  • Any class across the Bike, Tread, iOS, Android and Web counts
  • Tap into a training program on the Bike, Tread or on iOS to get after a new goal
  • Be sure to rest & recover with stretching, yoga or meditation

Committing to a summer challenge is also a great excuse to get back on the Bike or Tread when things start to heat up outdoors. Have fun in the sun but on those days when the temperatures rise high, clipping in or lacing up at home will still get you closer to your workout goals says Peloton Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy. “The summer I want to spend as much of my time having fun with my friends and family, so working out at home, indoors on the Tread or Bike is amazing because anything that is convenient, effective, efficient, comfortable, cool and fun is the easiest way for me to stay committed to my workouts and have time for everything else!”

Need some inspiration to stick to your goals this month? Get into a groove by tapping into a training program on your Bike, Tread or Digital on iOS. Take your pick from a few of our recommendations to keep you strong, motivated and recovered throughout the month of July:

Crush Your Core 

Harness the power of your core with Emma Lovewell in this four-week bodyweight program.

Go the Distance 

Head to the streets or the trail as you build your endurance in this three-week intermediate Outdoor Running program.

Welcome to Peloton Yoga

Dive into this foundational two-week yoga program and build strength from the inside out.