The 7 Wellness Apps Peloton Instructors Can’t Live Without


There’s hardly a day that goes by without the launch of a new health app. From food diaries to meditation, the best wellness apps can be hard to find. So which ones will really help you stay organized and keep up with the things that help us maintain a healthy lifestyle? While a great workout is always at your fingertips with Peloton Digital, we asked our world-class fitness pros what they use to keep them accountable and calm outside of their sweat sessions.

Take a Breather

When they need a minute or two (or ten) to reset, our Peloton instructors use a few different apps as an outlet. Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy often uses Calm to exercise mindfulness. “I use this on walks and when I need a break from work for 10 minutes to recenter myself and become less anxious.”

If you want to try an alternative meditation fix, Cycling instructor Jess King uses Insight Timer nearly every day. “It has an endless variety of styles and teachers and you can customize the journey for your desired needs for the moment. It’s also interactive so you can see who is meditating around you and the the teachers communicate with you!”

Catch Some Z’s

When it comes to wellness, sleep is no joke. When she needs to wind down at night, Cycling instructor Ally Love taps into Breathe. “Since I have really busy days sometimes my mind needs that extra comfort and relaxation to settle down so I can fall asleep. I put on the rain noise in the meditation app for every flight or in the evenings right before bed.”

Want to take an even closer look at your sleep patterns? Rebecca Kennedy swears by Pillow. “This app tracks your sleeping patterns and even records your sessions. This allows you to hear if you snore, sleep talk, how loud your neighbors or neighborhood is. It also breaks down your cycles into awake, light, REM and deep and provides a grade for your nightly rest.”

Know Your Nutrition

If you’re looking to be more mindful of what your meals are made of our instructors suggest some apps that help to map out what’s on your plate. “Lose It helps you set and realize goals,” says Rebecca Kennedy. Another favorite – My Fitness Pal. “I love the way this helps me track my meals making it very easy to record my favorite ways to fuel,” notes Tread instructor Chase Tucker.

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