The New Peloton Tread Instructors Are Here To Help You Push Past Your Limits


The newest Peloton Tread instructors were born in three different countries and trained in a dozen different sports, but they’re united by one belief: that we should all live empowered, inspired, and strong. Chase Tucker, Oliver Lee, Selena Samuela, and Matt Wilpers are bringing their unique personalities to their Peloton Tread classes to push you past your limits and make becoming your best self the best part of your day. Learn more about them below and follow them on social media to welcome them to our Peloton family.

Chase Tucker

Chase wakes up every day motivated by a combination of gratitude for the blessings in his life and a firm belief that he was created to leave a massive positive impact on this world. “Everything else that motivates me simply serves as a reminder of those things,” he says.

Born and raised in Chicago and an athlete from a young age, Chase credits his mother for involving him in sports and teaching him healthy habits–”I’m very grateful she didn’t allow us to drink soda, even though I disliked it at the time,” he says. As a personal trainer, he loves to empower people to break free from beliefs that hold them back and wants you to leave his workouts feeling grateful, optimistic, and powerful.

Chase describes his Peloton teammates as “absolute rockstars,” and wants to encourage Members to break mental barriers and unlock their greatness on the Peloton Tread. Lace up and get ready to sweat it out with him to playlists that include artists like Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex and Kid Cudi.

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Oliver Lee

When Oliver Lee was just 8 weeks old, his dad would bring him along to their local gym during his workout. Fast forward a few decades, and the UK native still loves a gym buddy–he usually motivates himself by grabbing a workout partner and loves the tight-knit Peloton community. “The connection made through working out together is so profound–there really is nothing like it,” he says.

A certified personal trainer since the age of 20, he’s worked in both London and NYC teaching classes and training individuals who love his warm, high-energy approach. “Especially when the music is playing and everyone involved is giving their absolute best, it’s so euphoric and I cannot get enough!”

And while Oliver’s all about having fun while jamming to artists like Zac Samuel and Josh Parkinson, Members can expect to push their limits to achieve positive results in their training both mentally and physically.

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Selena Samuela

When she first arrived in NYC, Selena made a name for herself competing as an amateur boxer. “I remember when I first started sparring and I was taking a bit of a beat down a coach said to me, ‘Sometimes will overpower skill’ and at that moment I let go of my fears, and I let go of doubt, and I turned that sparring session around.” That grit and inner fire come through in every workout she does.

Originally from Italy, and born into a family of professional soccer players, athleticism was encouraged in Selena Samuela’s life early on. After living in Hawaii for five years learning to surf, her approach to spirituality and connectivity shifted to shape her approach to fitness. “I believe we have the power to change lives spreading aloha (love) with our mana (the power of our spirit).”

Selena orients her teaching around “serious goal crushing” and likes to inspire your sweat with soundtracks including Cardi B, Vince Staples, and Drake. If you’re ready to find your greatness within, she’s ready to lead you there.

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Matt Wilpers

You’ve probably clipped in with him on the Bike but did you know Matt Wilpers was a recruited Division I distance runner for Georgia State University? Matt’s passion for running in addition to his cross-training knowledge meant he was the perfect match for the Peloton Tread and he’s so excited to join this new team!

With more than 10 years of experience in the fitness industry coaching elite athletes, celebrities, individuals and local teams, Matt’s unstoppable energy, and passion creates a positive environment to bring out the best performances in his athletes.

As you’ll know if you’ve taken his cycling classes, Matt loves to put in work to the sounds of The Black Crowes, Lauv, and Rascal Flatts and works hard to create programs and tools to help his Members succeed. He encourages you to “train hard, train smart and have fun!” and can’t wait to show another side of his training on the Tread.

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