Peloton Tread Instructor Jess Sims is Ready — Are You?


“You don’t have to, you get to,” is a mantra that Jess Sims, the newest addition to the Peloton Tread roster, frequently uses in her daily life. Jess remembers admiring her parents’ work ethic from a young age–“It fuels me,” she says–and this influenced her tough love teaching style. “I want you to give me 100%,” says Jess, “but mentally and spiritually, I want to know how you’re doing there as well.” Her holistic approach has been crucial to her success as a fitness instructor and something she weaves into each workout.

Originally from Peabody, MA, Jess grew up immersed in athletics, and developed a strong a teamwork mentality. In college, she served as captain of her college basketball team for three years, where team building was her number one mission. Always eager to learn and grow, Jess was accepted into the prestigious Teach for America program following college and went on to open, teach and become an administrator at schools throughout the NYC area. Working in schools connected her to that familiar teamwork synergy she loved from her early days in sports. She loved her colleagues and students, but after a while, Jess felt that something was missing. Having taken a long break from fitness in order to launch her teaching career, she eventually began to crave the energy of a workout again. That was when her ‘a-ha!’ moment happened, she says: “I realized I could still teach while also being back in the fitness world–it was a way to balance two of the things I love the most.”

Jess left education and jumped back into fitness, starting in the NYC boutique fitness scene before joining Peloton’s world-class Tread lineup–something she’s very excited to be a part of. “I’m thrilled to reach people far and wide and work with them to grow mentally and physically,” says Jess. “Helping people’s perspectives shift and have them see what they’re capable of is so meaningful to me.” Jess expects a lot but also supports a lot, and believes fully that your hard work will get you there. “I want our Members to know that every workout isn’t going to be a blast but that’s a part of the journey and it’s going to be worth it.” So lace up and join Jess to figure out how limitless you are alongside beats inspired by hip hop, 90’s R&B and reggae dancehall. “Working out is a privilege,” says Jess, ”so let’s get excited about being able to accomplish amazing things together!”

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