Why All For One Was This Summer’s Most Epic Workout


We clipped in, we worked hard and we celebrated in sweat. All For One was a chance for the Peloton community to show off what makes us great–our unity, our differences and the energy that we give to each workout and, more importantly, each other. And our community showed up like never before, with a record number of live riders watching all their favorite cycling instructors do what they do best. You can relive this epic class by taking it on-demand and follow along below as we dive into the elements that made this ride one of a kind.

One Epic Workout

The brainchild of our fearless leader John Foley, All For One, was born late this spring as the perfect way to celebrate summer and our ever-growing Member community. The unprecedented ride, which brought 11 of our instructors together to team-teach a 45-minute class, was the perfect way to show their incredible range as teachers and let our community see how much they’ve grown.

From the first rehearsal, the energy in the studio was infectious and the anticipation to deliver this workout to our Members was high! We experimented with a few different setups for the ride, but it was clear that the real thrill was in seeing our Instructors interact and bring their natural camaraderie and shared love for Peloton and our Members onto the stream. In the days leading up to the ride, we couldn’t wait to unveil what the team had been working on and get the community excited to clip in and celebrate what Peloton is all about.

One Epic Soundtrack

Music played a key role in crafting the experience in our All For One ride. Our instructors hand-picked tracks that inspired a sense of community and reminded them of how they’ve traditionally celebrated the Fourth of July. Emma chose “Pink Houses” by John Mellencamp to be one of the first songs to kick off this class. “It reminds me of where I’m from, Martha’s Vineyard, where the Fourth of July is a big celebration with parades and fireworks and where people of all ethnicities get together to celebrate in unity.”

To close out the class, Alex turned up the volume on “The Man” by Aloe Black to remind us of why this community is so special. “The Peloton community represents everyone – all walks of life coming together as one to define equality and freedom.”

The instructors curated a playlist that lives on even after the workout is over! Start the party by pressing play on these tracks at your next summer barbecue or relive this epic moment with the official class playlist to energize your morning commute.

One Amazing Community

Whether you were taking our All For One ride on your Bike or on Peloton Digital the excitement was undeniable! A record-setting 18,488 live riders joined from all over the country and 11,439 riders sent 113,921 high fives to create a feeling that can’t be put into words. “It was amazing. It’s hard to describe but you could feel the energy of all the live riders,” says Peloton Member Carli Martus. Other Members described it as a workout that topped them all. “The All For One ride was hands down the best 45 minutes I’ve had on the bike,” said Member Jason Vetter.

“We made the ground shake with love,” recalls Robin who played the motivating “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor during her turn on the bike. “We were shoulder-to-shoulder with giants.” Every element of the class felt as powerful as the bond of this community and we’re already anxious for the next time we can come together and create more incredible memories on the Bike.

Get a glimpse of your favorite moments in our official All For One album!