Why Do I Need A Recovery Day? Because Yes, You Do.


If you ask any of our Peloton sweat experts, recovery days are key for recharging and making sure you’re rewarding yourself for the effort you’re putting in. More often than not our busy lifestyles leave little room for this very necessary form of self-care, and while it’s amazing to feel the satisfaction of accomplishing goals, it’s just as important to take a step back and relax. We talked with Peloton cycling instructors Cody Rigsby, Emma Lovewell and Alex Toussaint to learn more about why it’s important to press pause.

To Reward Yourself

We get it–sometimes it’s hard to slow down. While the influx of daily endorphins can be exhilarating, you need to acknowledge how hard your body and mind are working. “It’s important to give your body that time to rest. I know how hard we work on the Peloton bike, so you have to take a day to slow things down. You earned it so you deserve it,” says Alex Toussaint. Famous for his “feel good” ethos, Alex makes this a priority and it’s part of his strategy for success.

To Heal Yourself

“Remember, a recovery day does not mean weakness,” says Emma Lovewell, ”it means you’re taking care of yourself and connecting to how you feel. You have to be able to listen to your body in order to know when and how to push or rest it.” She equates this to something all Peloton Members know too well–interval training. “You can’t push to your max effort for a full 45 minutes. You need a few seconds, or minutes, to recover so you can hit that max effort again and again!” Don’t frame taking it slow as a sign of weakness–see it as part of the process of getting stronger and pushing your limits over time.

To Stay Motivated

Look back on your milestones, badges or even the workouts you’ve done just this past week and take a moment to feel proud! If we’re constantly in “go mode” it’s easy to lose sight of how much progress we’ve actually made and it becomes easy to forget what we’re working towards. “I think an important part of recovery days is deliberately taking time to reflect on what you’ve already achieved,” says Cody Rigsby. “When you can clearly see your progress, I believe it motivates you even more to get back at it the next day.”

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