Here’s What Fitness Instructors Do During A Flight Delay


Let’s face it–flight delays happen. One moment you’re on track to your final destination and the next, you’re making yourself at home in the terminal. While no one looks forward to those holiday commutes, we talked with our in-house jet-setting pros and Peloton Tread instructors Rebecca Kennedy and Jess Sims to learn how they plan ahead, from workouts at the airport to maintaining their calm at the reservations desk.

Untighten Before Takeoff

While you have the time before takeoff, capitalize on the extra leg room. Literally–stretch out. Peloton Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy says this is a must whenever she’s on the go. “I stretch up until the minute I get on the plane,” says Rebecca, “and during layovers or when my flight is delayed, I take advantage of the extra time I have to really loosen up.” Rebecca packs a lacrosse ball for some subtle self-myofascial release–lean against a wall and use the ball to massage sore points. “This will help alleviate most lower back pain, as well as activate the glutes and hips which sit inactive during a flight,” she explains.

Treat Yourself

If you’ve been going non-stop recently, maybe take the delay as a sign to slow down. Peloton Tread instructor Jess Sims says to get familiar with the amenities the airport offers and treat yourself to a little R&R. “Go buy your favorite magazine, the book that you’ve been meaning to read or even check to see if there’s a place to get a massage or manicure,” suggests Jess. And if you’re not looking to spend the extra money, there are plenty of other options to choose from. “I either call someone I need to catch up with, stretch or meditate,” she says. “Both are budget friendly and can be equally as valuable.”

Airport Aerobics

Have extra energy? Peloton Digital can help you out. Any delay is long enough to get a quick sweat in and you can choose from a variety of workouts both in type and in length with just a tap. “You can use the app to find anything from a power walk workout (hello airport tour) to a 20-minute bootcamp session,” says Rebecca, “and once you’re finished with your workout, use the remaining time to browse and bookmark the classes you want to try next.” So even if you’re away from home, Peloton is really everywhere you are. Prepare for takeoff–we’ve got places to go.

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